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Top Marketer Magazine is comprised of special reports emphasizing insight, analysis, context, debate and strategies. From digital marketing, online marketing, and offline marketing, it’s all here to keep every entrepreneur informed and inspired. The premier content within the magazine comes from top leading recognized marketers in their industries. Each issue will bring you not only amazing content in marketing, but share with you the ‘behind the scene’ life of top marketers. We encourage all marketing enthusiast from business owners to entrepreneurs to subscribe to take their business to a new level.


Worth Every Penny ★★★★★

by FlintNY – Version 4.5.1 – Oct 18, 2013

What I like about this magazine is that the articles aren’t a bunch of jibberish. It’s stuff that any newbie or expert can learn from. From email marketing, social media, SEO, compilation of several known marketers and their advice, email lists and just so much more. You can tell a lot of time and effort were spent on making this magazine. It’s worth every penny. You can find a lot of info on Google search but it gets you totally confused and looking at the glass half empty. It’s an engaging app with tons of awesome info.

Insightful ★★★★★

by Jennna328 – Version 4.5.1 – Oct 18, 2013

I am impressed with the tips and pointers that Top Marketer Magazine delivers. Delighted to read about Russell Brunson’s story. I’m not one to purchase apps or spend money on subscriptions but this one is definitely worth it. I was connected and interested the entire time I was reading.

Excellent reference tool ★★★★★

by Krunch45 – Version 4.5.1 – Oct 18, 2013

This is an excellent app for startups and new business owners who want to be inspired by other entrepreneurs who have been in the same shoes as you and became successful. I have had a bumpy ride with my startup and marketing is essential for your business. It’s encouraging to read about others’ success which gives you that push to work even harder. Looking forward to the next issue.

Very Useful ★★★★★

by ADeming – Version 4.5.1 – Oct 18, 2013

Full of awesome tips and the fact that I can actually relate my business obstacles to what the articles discuss, makes it a 5 star subscription hands down.

Highly Recommended ★★★★★

by amzinglady – Version 4.5.1 – Oct 18, 2013

Great read! Magazine has wealth of information on many different topics of entrepreneurship. Highly recommended!

Great magazine! Thank you for the great ideas! ★★★★★

by JaeVu – Version 4.5.1 – Oct 17, 2013

I was pleasantly surprised by the content I got from this magazine. You guys did a great job! Look forward to the next issue.

Awesome Magazine! ★★★★★

by Mistyluv – Version 4.5.1 – Oct 16, 2013

Great articles in this magazine! Love all the tips this magazine provides for all types of marketers! 2 thumbs up!!!

Press Release

Apple Newsstand Top Marketer Magazine Gets 5-Star Rating

2013-10-30 00:44:00 (GMT) (WiredPRNews.com – Business, Press Releases)

Top Marketer Magazine Top Marketer Magazine

10/28/2013 (press release: topmarketermag) // Santa Ana , CA., US // Cindy Kim

A new magazine specializing in featuring information and contents about marketing has recently been released in the market. This magazine can be found and availed at the Apple Newsstand. This newly released magazine is called as theTop Marketer Magazine. For entrepreneurs and marketing enthusiast, the magazine will fully help them in running the marketing side of their business and give them the latest about everything involving marketing. The magazine has all the latest updates about all types of marketing. It will feature the life of all top marketing behind the scenes known in the industry. It is a magazine that will provide practical and real-to-life pieces of information about marketing.

Marketing is one of the life forces of a business and is what all businessmen and marketers do in order to secure their success within the industry. Without the known and proven marketing strategies and techniques, a business will never reach what companies have now reached. Due to that, it can be said that information becomes more essential for all business especially now that the marketing world is continuously and speedily changing. Fortunately, the needed information about the latest trend in marketing can now be accessed in a magazine, the Top Marketer Magazine, which was just recently released.

The Top Marketer Magazine is one that contains special reports that emphasizes insight, context, analysis and strategies. The magazine will cover all the latest about offline marketing, online marketing and digital marketing. Through this magazine both marketing enthusiasts and entrepreneurs will gain a new knowledge in every issue they will have. Aside from containing the mentioned information, which will all be coming from the top marketers of the industry, the magazine will also be featuring these top marketers behind the scenes life, to complete the inspiration that every word will provide its readers. At present, the magazine can be downloaded in 48 countries.

The app for the Top Marketer Magazine of offered for free download and subscribed for free by using the word “Bonus” as a code. Interested individuals are also given the chance to enjoy the first issue of the magazine for a 30-day trial, which is for free. Subscription of the magazine is also available. For individuals who will avail the monthly subscription, they are given 30 days to have the copy for free and just pay the fee of $2.99 per month for the following months. The annual subscription is also free within 30 days and will be involving $17.99 payment per year.


For more information the first issue of Top Marketer Magazine, visit https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/top-marketer-magazine-premier/id710012903?ls=1&mt=8


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